Marketing to local businesses, and helping them do their internet marketing, is what I would do if I had to start everything over.

It’s easy.
It’s profitable.
It’s easy to understand from beginning to end.
There’s almost no risk.
It’s easy to get started.
You don’t have to be technical.
You don’t have to know everything when you get started. You just have to know more than the small business owner does about marketing on the internet. Simple.

Yesterday I did an amazing interview with Jim Cockrum, owner of

Jim gave some amazing tips on how to be successful in doing online marketing work for offline businesses.

It’s 94 minutes long (it was so good that I didn’t want to stop it at an hour).

Just so you know, there isn’t a sales pitch in this.
Jim does own which has TONS of resources to help you succeed with this, but it’s $50 to join. Very reasonable.

Here are notes I took along with their timestamps for when Jim talked about these things:

  • 12:00 – why this is a great market
  • 12:43 – beginning of “How do you get a client”
  • 13:14 – you need to talk to people
  • 13:47 – no business card, no website, just being “a fellow business owner”
  • 15:26 – 4 line letter – direct mail you can send to business owners
  • The conversation between 15:26 and 18:00 is amazing
  • 18:15 – build websites then auction them off for a monthly amount (typically $500 – $2000/month)
  • 19:09 – another way to get clients is to knock doors of the businesses you use in your community
  • 21:25 – how to find local business addresses from their websites
  • 23:00 – “Turn Tuesday night into the busies night of the week”
  • 24:50 – using TrafficGeyser to get results for your clients
  • 26:15 – partner with web design companies to get clients
  • 30:50 – Top services to sell to people (really just ideas for services to sell)
    • mobile websites (this conversation is amazing)
    • testimonials
    • google maps
    • social media services
  • 35:14 – what kinds of businesses to target
  • 38:30 – finding businesses based on where people are already advertising on PPC
  • 40:22 – why you don’t need a price sheet of services
  • 41:40 – how to get on stage in front of an entire industry of small business owners
  • 44:00 – Q&A
  • 69:28 – how to collect money from clients
  • 72:30 – Questions to ask local business owners
  • 78:43 – What to outsource and what not to

Here’s my affiliate link to join if you want to use it.

Last night a few hours after the call I had this IM sent to me.

Here’s an email I got with more feedback on the call:
John Jonas and Jim Cockrum Local Business Marketing Testimonial

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