I got this fantastic response from Wyn after I sent out the newsletter about tax and accounting firms: https://johnjonas.com/ofs-for-accounting-and-tax-firms/

Wyn’s advice applies to most people.

Wyn is also in the same business as Cathy. He took the OneVAAway.com challenge two years ago, and now he has 5 OFS working for him. When he saw Cathy’s questions, he sent in his two cents.

I have so much advice I can share with Cathy, but the top few would be:

1) You’ll manage to find ways to keep your first OFS busy full-time.  If you hire an income tax preparer, chances are they should know how to keep your books for your own business (even if you don’t have any bookkeeping clients).
2) Be prepared to be flexible, as planned & unplanned brownouts occur often and they may not have power and/or internet access.
3) The better you treat them, the more they will reciprocate & go the extra mile for you.  

Cathy, if you’re reading this, I hope Wyn’s advice is helpful.

If you’re in the accounting and tax business, do you have more tips you want to share? Or do you have questions specific to your industry? Let me know! Email me at john@onlinejobs.ph