I think most people who have raised teenagers will agree that it’s hard.

There’s almost always something that you don’t see eye to eye about and the teenage years is when they’re willing to push back.

Right now we’re having this about an iPhone.

My 14yr old wants an iPhone and we don’t want her to have one.

Phones…it’s a different world than the one I grew up in.

In the Philippines, phones are different too.

When you’re asking for your OFS phone number, make sure you get both of them. Most Filipinos have two phone numbers.

My OFS, Julia, explains why they have 2 phone numbers.

There are two leading cell carriers in the Philippines: Globe Telecom and Smart Philippines. Both also happen to be the largest internet service providers in the Philippines.

Both carriers are supposed to provide nationwide coverage, but there are some places where one has a stronger signal over the other. Sometimes you don’t even have to travel far to lose the signal of one carrier.

Because of this, it makes more sense for us to get 2 SIM cards, one from Globe and another from Smart. Dual-SIM phones are very popular here because it makes it easier to carry both in one phone. Having the SIM of both carriers ensures that we stay connected, no matter where we are.

Another advantage of having the SIMs to both networks? We’ll know which ISP is stronger or out of service.

This information is so important that we have a local virtual assistants’ Facebook group where we mainly talk about which carrier or ISP is down/or slow that day.

For example, if we know that Globe is down in some areas, we would take out our backup Smart internet or move to an area where we know Smart has a stronger signal.

For the most part, this system works. We can keep working because there’s always a backup. You’ll only hear us complain that the internet is down when both ISPs are out.

My team doesn’t complain about the internet being down very much anymore.  It used to be a problem…but infrastructure has gotten better over the years.

Not much of a problem…maybe because they now carry backup internet with them all the time!