If you haven’t heard of Mozy yet, I feel sorry for you.

If you’re not using Mozy yet, I feel even worse.

If you’re not going to go sign up for free at Mozy right now, I just think you’re basically an idiot.

Either that, or you’ve never had a computer crash on you.

Mozy does online backups of your computer for free. Yeah, crazy. FREE.

They give you 2Gb of space for free (which is a ton…unless you’re backing up music/pictures/videos) and you can buy more space (right now at least) amazingly cheap.

I’ve been using it for some number of months now and absolutely love it (I think I blogged about it once before). It’s super easy to use and it backs up your data when you’re not around.

Anyway…yeah…if you don’t go use it, you’ll be sorry when your computer crashes.

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