People are always surprised to hear that I work 17 hours/week. 

They’re even more surprised to hear I’ve done it since about 2007. 

It seems impossible. 

I mean, everyone has read the 4HWW.

But…nobody seems to know anyone actually living it.

Do you?

Why not?  

Why don’t people accomplish this goal of having time freedom?

Because, I’m telling you it’s real. It’s possible.  I’ve done it.

Here comes my 2nd secret.

You already know my first:


The second?


That’s it.

The problem with No is that we live in a culture of more.
More house.
More cars.
More consuming.
More debt.
More photos.
More divisiveness.
More opinion.
More “friends”.
More, More, More.

Are FB and Insta pushing this culture of more?  Yes.
So is TV.
All advertising is geared towards more.

To all of it I say NO.

And that’s the secret.

When another business opportunity comes. 
“Can we connect on the phone this week?”
“Dad, buy a Tesla.”
FB, Insta.
“Dude, you should totally join Clubhouse”
“We should do THIS!!!”

I say NO to everything. 

Here’s the question I ask before we take on any work project:
“Who has to do the work on this?  Is it me? Or is it someone else?”
And then
“Who is ultimately going to make this work?”
If either of those fall on me, I say no.  It adds more time.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t have cars or house or work projects or …

But I say no to more. 

More projects.
More websites.
More clients.
More hours.
More hobbies.
More partners (or partnerships).
More fast growth.
More money.


Time is precious.

More takes time. 

Obviously I don’t say no to everything.  You can’t.  
But generally I say no to things that are going to take my time. 


PS. There are some things I feel more is good.
Family time
Bikes (ok…ok…this one is a problem)