Since most of the people who read my blog spend a good amount of their time in front of the computer, I thought I’d share some of the plugins I use to boost my productivity.

This post is inspired because of my latest favorite: LastPass.

I’ve always looked for a great solution to storing usernames/passwords but haven’t found it. I’ve tried keepass, roboform, and the built-in firefox password manager, all with very little success (they didn’t work to my liking).

Now, with lastpass, it stores all the passwords from all of my computers (AND MY BLACKBERRY!!!!).
It also tells me when it has user/pass info for me, something other systems didn’t always do.

Yes, it stores my passwords online, and yes, I’m probably giving up a bit of security with it (although, they don’t seem to think so), but I’m fine with that from the peace of mind I get by knowing I’m always going to be able to get back into the site.

Here are my other favorites:

  • Faviconize – I keep lots of tabs open all the time. Now, those tabs are smaller.
  • Session manager – because I HATE when I accidentally lose the 15 tabs open in my browser.
  • S3 Organizer – because it makes it super easy to put stuff onto S3. I don’t even have to open a new program!
  • Delicious – because keeping my bookmarks online and synced is priceless
  • LivePageRank – because I like to know what the PageRank is for sites, but I don’t need an entire google toolbar to tell me.
  • Multifox – because I’m tired of having to log my wife out of my laptop because she likes to use whichever one is closer to her!

I’d love to hear what plugins you love that make you more productive in your business.

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