I’ve made tons of materials about how to live a 4, or 17 hour week. I have e-books, videos, presentations, blog posts and webinars on the what’s and how’s of the business. But let’s face it, in the internet, it’s easy to get lazy, or get lost.

Recently, I found a way to fix that through Udemy.com. So this site is an online learning platform that allows instructors to host courses.

John Jonas udemy course

I’ve launched my first course there. I’ve combined the best trainings I’ve done over the years and put them into one place where it’s easy to learn everything.

In this course, apart from the usual e-book format, I’ve made power point presentations, together with my videos, webinar, and even made supplementary materials for you to download all available in a single course.

One of the things I like on Udemy is that students can ask questions on specific right there on the lecture area, so it’s like a webinar that you can take whenever or wherever you’re free.

To start learning, here’s my course on udemy.com

Oh, and it’s FREE.