Ben works on our social media team. 
He helps with the social media schedule, with posting, and with engagement. 

He was hired by Julia (one of my OFS) who needed more help.

Ben is also a volunteer firefighter. 

Here’s what he says
Hi! My name is Ben! I’m a volunteer firefighter with the Knighthawk Rescue Team. I’ve always wanted to do volunteer work, even when I was a child. 

During my stint as a senior scout one of our merit badges is Fire Fighting. With that I was introduced to the world of fire, at a very young age I got myself into it and made it a passion of mine. Then we have this Emergency Service Corps and the Emergency Service Auxiliary Corps which is a special group with special skills under the Boy Scout program. With this group we were taught how to do radio communication, cordoning and crowd control, traffic, First aid, evacuate, fire fighting, etc. 

From there, I humbly say we were the first 911 group since back in the day we only had the emergency number 110 which is under the Bureau Fire Protection Davao. 

That’s how the KRT which was known before as Knighthawk Foundation Inc. (KFI) was found and eventually we became Rescue 110 which is compose of 3 groups, (KFI, Kabalikat Radio Com, and ESC-BSP)

At the early age of 13, I was molded to volunteerism with the help of other volunteer groups. It was a very risky thing but eventually it paid well seeing those people who I have helped smiling back at you and a simple thank you that made my day. 

Having that experienced, surely made our days as a volunteer glorious. That’s why from that moment, I told myself I will never think twice to help out or do volunteer work once they need my services or called by chance. 

Many people called themselves as volunteers but in their hearts they never will be one. Being a volunteer is not an easy task, it requires a lot of sacrifices, dedication, discipline, and responsibility. Some they called themselves volunteer but men without actions.

As I grow old now, the spirit of volunteerism still burns inside of me and I hope someday I will be able to pass on to my son and to his son’s and son of his son’s and so on. 

But it’s hard to support a family (my wife and son) doing volunteer work.

For years I worked in the call center industry. I tried to volunteer while working there but it was really difficult. You need to be physically present and make sure to attend all of your incoming calls and assist them properly. This is hard especially when there’s a fire and we’re called to respond to it.

But since I started working online two years ago, it made it easier for me to provide for my family and help those in need. I just make sure to take note of my deadlines and work whenever I can. As long there is an internet connection I can do my work anytime of the day or any place. I can pause my work when there is a fire. Once I get back to base, I just need to get my laptop and  get back to work again.

There are a lot of pictures because Ben REALLY loves talking about this
– 2 pictures of Ben and his team bringing goods to those affected by fire 
– 2 pictures of Ben in his firefighting gear with his team, doing drills
– 2 pictures of Ben and his team before and after they responded to a fire
– 1 picture of Ben with his fire station logo? ( I don’t know the correct term)

I’m glad I could provide Ben a job that also allows him to do what he loves.