Below is the sequence of emails I sent to hire someone

Note: Don’t copy these emails!
These are just examples….too many employers have copied this email exactly and is flooded with these emails….jobseekers won’t reply to you b/c they’ll think you are a spammer/scammer!

Email #1: This email went out to about 15 people.


I found your resume on

I currently have a job opening in my company.

I need someone who is great in english, and who can do SEO for some of
my websites. Other skills are a bonus, but not necessary.

I am looking for someone to work full-time (40 hours/week) from home.
I will expect you to not have another job except for working for me.

If you’re interested, please write one paragraph of why I should hire
you. I want you to write this so I can see your english skills.
Don’t send me a list of your past experience. Describe it to me. I
want to see how well you write.

Also, please tell me your desired salary (I know you listed it in
OnlineJobs….just tell me again) and when you would be available to
start work.

This email is going to 13 people, that’s why I didn’t personalize it
to you…sorry.


Email #2: This went to each person who sent me back a good response to Email #1

Where are you in the philippines?
How are the power outages there?
Will you be able to work full time?
Do you have your own computer?
Did you write that last response to me yourself? Did someone help you with it?
When could you start?

Email #3: This went to the person I really wanted to hire. They had already proven their english skills and also claimed to have other skills.

How fast is your internet connection?
What SEO experience do you have?
If I gave you a new website to do SEO for, what would you do?
Can you send me some references to graphics work you’ve done?
How about wordpress sites you’ve built?

Email #4 – after 2 days of not hearing back from them, I sent this email


I didn’t hear from you about this. I think I’m ready to hire you, I’d just like to hear from you about these things.

Also, one of the things I know is a problem with Filipinos is you get embarrassed when you don’t know something. Then you disappear and don’t email me back. I’ve been through this quite a few times.

If this is going to work for us, the first thing you need to know is that you MUST email me when you have a problem. I NEED to know.

Let me know if you’re still interested.


She responded with a good response.

Email #5


Great. You’re hired.

The part about Filipinos is my experience. I’ve seen it over and over again. You don’t know much about my business yet (other than I own but I would bet you’ll get to know it pretty well over the next few months.

I would like you to start today.

I am inviting you to use our project management system. You will get a separate email from me inviting you to get in.
You will find a lot of information in there.
(here I gave some specific pages inside for them to read)

I want you to specifically tell me if you have any questions or comments about the Employment policies and the Using pages.

I want to make sure our working relationship starts off right.

I will pay you using around the 1st of the month. It should be pretty easy. We will start at $200 per month. Depending on your work it will go up from there.

I expect this to be a long-term working relationship. I expect to have you working for me for years to come. Over time, I hope you will make a very good wage from me.

I am hiring you right now to do SEO work for a couple of websites we just started…and to help someone with whatever he needs help with.

Name, meet (my employee)
(he’s cc’d on this email).

He has worked for me for almost 5 years. He knows EVERYTHING.
You will be helping him with whatever he needs help with, and will be in charge of doing SEO for a couple of websites.

I will send you your “first” task in another email. He will probably also give you things to do.
(the first task was setting up wordpress on my hosting account, change the theme, write a post and a page).

Please let me know what you need from me and what I can do for you.

I’m excited to have you on our team.


I posted the specific emails here not for you to copy exactly. Some of the information I asked for might not be relevant to you.
I post it as an example and a guideline of what I look for when I’m hiring someone. You may (probably will) be different.

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