A lot of you know that I dont beat around the bush very much. I pretty much tell it like I see it. So…

I thought the event was a great idea. I thought most of it was well executed.

I had one complaint.

When you invite a very experienced, and for the most part, a highly technical, audience to a conference about blogging, and then you talk about

  • what a blog is
  • how to start a blog
  • what software is best for a blog
  • what technorati is

you alienate your main audience.

If your audience for this conference was to get new people blogging…great.

Otherwise, I don’t see a point for me to go to the next one, or the one after that, or the one after that, except for networking (which…isn’t a bad reason to be at the conference itself).

It seems to me that the event would be better served talking more about advanced blogging “stuff” so that the bloggers who really improve the “network” get something out of it.

Other than that, Ryan and Phil did a great job.

It’s always good to hear Phil speak. and I didn’t know that the founder of the most worshipped isp in utah is now running for the US Senate. No wonder he looked so geeky. He’s a linux geek!

I thought it was good of Phil Burns to offer his seat on the panel to Paul Allen. I thought Paul should have taken it. I mean, I’d bet that over half that room is blogging because of Paul.

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