This morning I was feeling a stomach ache and I thought it might have been because of some bad water I drank over the weekend.

After a little bit of moaning my wife asked me:

“Did you miox yet?”

Mioxing to us means mixing up a batch of extra strong water using my miox water filter and then drinking it immediatly. I love the miox filter because it will kill anything, supposedly including a lot of viruses.

Normally you’re supposed to mix the solution according to how much water you’re purifying and then you’re supposed to wait 15 minutes before drinking it. When I “miox” I mix the solution twice as strong as I’m supposed to and I drink it right away. The thought is that it will kill whatever is in my stomach that’s making me sick.

Sure, it probably also kills all the good bacteria in my stomach, but they’ll come back, and it’s worth it to me to try to kill whatever else is there.

So far it has worked two of the three times I’ve done it.

Today wasn’t one of them!

If you’re into emergency preparedness or anything of the sort, the miox water filter is a must have.