Most people can’t say their jobs improve people’s lives.

If you’re a doctor, a firefighter, or a teacher (or many others), you can easily and proudly say, “Yeah, I make people’s lives better. I make a difference.”

At first glance, most people would assume that’s not something I can say about myself. I only work 17 hours a week and make a lot of money. It’s hard to imagine how my business and the work that I do is making a difference.

But when you hire an Online Filipino Specialist, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

This is a message that Mark received from his OFS, Michael, a few weeks ago.

That salary you give monthly isn’t that much, but it allowed Michael to buy a washing machine so he and his wife could feel comfortable. Their first.

That salary gave him the courage to aspire for a better life. And he didn’t have to move overseas and leave his family (which is the only option so many Filipinos see…until they learn of online work).

I get these messages from my OFS team. You probably get them from yours.

How have you made a difference in the lives of your Online Filipino Specialist? Let me know by emailing me at

If you haven’t, why not? What’s holding you back?


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