In my last blog post about hiring Filipino workers and requiring them to only have 1 job I apparently stirred up some controversy.

In the comments

  • I was accused of exploiting people
  • I was told that I don’t pay enough
  • I was told that the people I hire aren’t “employees”

I feel differently about all of them.

Here’s my response:

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Here are the notes I worked from:

    1. I stand by what I said. I require only 1 job.
    2. I don’t pay my people $250/month for very long. They get raises. They get large bonuses. This according to their output/loyalty/devotion.
    3. Pay is different in different parts of the country. Manila is different than davao. Companies pay more, cost of living is more. It doesn’t mean your work quality is better.
      I have people in davao and their work is just as good as people anywhere else in the country. They ASK for less money.
      Companies in Mindanao or Panay or Palawan are NOT paying 20,000 pesos per month. Different regions of the Philippines have VERY different in their pay scales.
    4. I don’t advocate exploiting people. When I teach outsourcing I teach what’s real about wage differences, but also tell people to treat them well. Not everyone will.

Nobody is forcing anyone to work. If the wages you’re being paid aren’t enough, you should go look for a different job.

  1. I love my workers. I try to treat them very well. They get all the paid time off they want. They work the hours they want. They’ve asked for me to pay their Phil Health and SSS and I gave them raises to pay for it.
  2. In the end, what I think this comes down to is
    If you treat people well, they’ll do good work. If you don’t, they won’t.
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