This isn’t the best content we’ve ever written, but it’s beautifully written.

My OFS Julia is amazing.

In the almost 10 years I have worked for John, we’ve pretty much survived all the possible natural and man-made disasters outside of Chernobyl together.

✔ Typhoons
✔  Flooding
✔  Earthquakes
✔  Government coups
✔  Volcanic eruptions
✔  Medical emergencies
✔  Rolling blackouts
✔  Internet outages
✔  A worldwide pandemic

We’re just one check mark away from winning Apocalypse bingo.

Through all that, I have never experienced a time when none of us were working. There was never a time when the entire Philippine team was out.

One reason we’ve been able to manage through disasters is even though we’re all in the Philippines, we’re not all in the same place. We’re spread all over the Philippines. If Metro Manila was affected, John’s other VAs from the Visayas and Mindanao can pick up the slack. 

Another reason we’ve been able to manage is because of training. We’ve been trained to do a variety of tasks but we focus on the jobs we do best. We’re aware of all the ongoing projects even if we’re not working on all of them. Since we communicate regularly over Basecamp and Slack, we know where all the necessary files and information are stored. If one of us can’t work, we can just jump in and take over if needed.

And as much as possible, there’s always a back-up VA for every job. Here at, we have contingencies for our customer service team. There’s always going to be somebody online to respond to emails.

Also, over the years we’ve also developed a communication channel to reach out to each other. Mobile cellular networks are more reliable than our internet connection. We know each other’s cell phone numbers. So if we can’t contact them online, we can always text or call them if needed.

Last but not the least, we always back up our work. John has access to everything and he can share access if another VA needs to take over. Projects may slow down a bit because of the transition but we always manage to get things done.

  • team spread out
  • training
  • communication
  • backups


I’m interested in hearing your contingency plan with your team. 
I can improve.