This post is part of a series on outsourcing from a Filipino perspective.

In the part 3 of R’s post, he talks about another common problem with outsourcing to the Philippines: Filipino employees who have lost their motivation to work.

This is something that some of you may have experienced. The first few weeks or months with your Filipino were great. He did great work and you received regular updates and emails. Then, slowly, his work started to deteriorate. He’s working less and he’s not updating you as often as he should.

There are a lot of people out there who say Filipino workers are lazy. In most cases, this is completely untrue. A lot of Filipinos are willing to work hard because they want to keep their jobs. They become lazy when they lose motivation to do the work that needs to be done.

Fortunately, we now have insider info on how to fix that problem.

Problem 3: Demotivated Employees

There are times that you hired a Filipino employee and in the first few months they are very productive and after that, their productivity declined. These employees don’t work for other people. They don’t disappear. They keep on working but the difference is their productivity is not the same as the first time you hired them.


One thing that can cause this is that they feel they are not doing well in the tasked assigned to them. Maybe they are good at first and for some reasons; they felt they everything they do is a disaster. They become demotivated and fall short in their performance.

Another thing that can cause this is they become bored of what they are doing. When someone gets bored on a certain task, their performance level decreases. This is true to all of us.

You need to motivate your employees. They need a little push from you. You can offer incentives when they reached a required goal and see to it that they are really interested on the task they are working on to reach that goal.

You can talk to them about other things, not just work; to know their plans, goals in life, etc. and make them feel that you can help them if they will help you reach a certain goal. I believe only a few employers talk to their employees about personal life. And I don’t know if you are also willing to help your employees improve their way of living. If both of you can talk about other things aside from work, I believe that it is a start of a good relationship. And with a good relationship as a foundation of all these things, the above problems could be avoided.

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