We’re a big cycling family…
My kids are competitive with racing their bikes.

We were at the Utah Mountain Bike State Championships a couple weekends ago where my two teenage daughters raced. Because it’s the State Championships not everyone gets to race. Only the top 100 kids in each category qualify. There were about 25 categories; so there’s 2,500 kids.

Here’s a picture of the tent city that gets set up just for people to come congregate. It’s about a 5 minute brisk walk from one end of the tents to the other.  Nobody’s sleeping in any of this. This is just to hang out during the day because it’s a 2-day event with races going on all day long. 

On Friday, my daughter Bailey finished 4th in the freshmen girls category which is pretty amazing. She’s super thrilled about it. She put in a lot of hard work this year. She’s gone through a lot of adversity. In the end, she came out on top. Fourth place out of a hundred who qualified for this race. She’s super happy.

I feel like often with virtual assistants there can be some adversity and if you push through it there’s a lot of good to be had on the other side. Obviously, most of it is good but there definitely going to be some adversity with hiring a VA. 

There’s gonna be a time where they disappear. It happens to almost everybody.  

There’s going to be a time where they’re not doing things right. 

There’s going to be a time where they’re frustrating you. It’s all going to happen.

If you push through those difficult times, which I’ve done a lot of times over the years, there’s so much good work that will come out of having VAs work for you.

My daughter pushed through.  She has and is battling depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, not sleeping well, friends betraying her…

Push through.  It’s worth it.


PS. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my disappointment with something my OFS did and how I fixed it.