I just read the best article explaining Google’s PageRank. The guy goes through all of the logical steps on how PageRank is calculated, what makes sense for a pagerank calculator to use in it’s calculation, and what the founders of Google have actually said about it. It’s a must read for any SEO people hoping to understand Googles PageRank.
Here’s a summary of what the article talks about:
What PageRank is all about. Why it was designed, how it filters spammers, how it decides that a page is important by what other people think.

It explains the PageRank algorithm of how pagerank is actually calculated. It talks about a random surfer as an example for using the pagerank model. The random surfer is a user on the internet who randomly clicks on links. These links help give or take away page rank from people.

It talks about how google implemented the pagerank algorithm and how google displays it with it’s toolbar. We all know that google only officially supports their IE toolbar, and that linux users are out of luck. However, it describes exactly how the toolbar gets its pagerank from google, and how someone can get pagerank from google too. VERY INTERESTING. It’s totally possible to get the page rank from google without the google toolbar. Hopefully some linux geek will find this site and implement this.

It goes into detail describing the effects of inbound and outbound links on a page. Inbound links don’t only count if they’re from a page with pagerank of 4 or higher…it just helps. Basically a pages pagerank gets distributed to the other pages by the number of outbound links on that page. So, if a page has a pagerank of 5, and has 5 outbound links, each of the pages to which that page links will receive a pagerank boost of approx. 1 (this isn’t exactly true because of the dampening factor which diminishes the transfer of pagerank.

It talks about how maybe certain sites have a pre-set pagerank. Specifically Yahoo and DMOZ. If you get links from these sites, it’l definitely help you.

It also talks about linking to bad sites which will get you a pagerank of 0 or PR0 as it’s commonly known.

The reality of it is that this article tells everything you want to know about pagerank and how to structure your sites, links, content so that you get the maximum pagerank possible.

It’s a must read.


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