One thing that makes my day is when my OFS email me pictures of their life and tell me the good things that were made possible because they work from home.

I get pictures of birthdays, graduations, first homes, first cars, vacations, etc.

It feels good knowing that the job I gave them isn’t just a means to survive. Their job is what allows them to live a good life.

That’s why they can relate to many things that I value in my life. I have an OFS (Raymund) who is also into biking. Joven plays badminton most days of the week. Hazel travels on a regular basis.

David feels the same way. In fact, he sent me this email and a screenshot of a message from his OFS.

I have been on your list for a while and used to hire a VA in the Phillipines last spring. We have been working together since then and this past weekend, she sent me the screenshotted message.

I just wanted you to know that you are making a difference in the world. You probably already know that, but hey, an additional reminder is never a bad thing.

Hope you are well.


OFS want to contribute to your business.
They also want you to know when you contribute to their lives.

What major life milestones has your OFS shared with you? Let me know!


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