It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything meaningful here…and this isn’t really going to be very meaningful. It’s been an interesting ride so far with the vacuum and the air purifier sites. So far the air purifier site is fully indexed by google, and making quite a bit of money. The vacuum site however, isn’t making any money, and only has 40 pages indexed by google.

So here’s my theory:

Both sites are linked to from the same places. Exactly. Both sites went up at the same time (well, 1 day apart…so I guess the vacuum site could have missed googles monthly update…but not likely). is hosted at and is hosted at So is It’s at is also the main link pointing pagerank to both places. So, my thought is that maybe google realizes the connection between and, but doesn’t realize the connection between and ureh. So…I’m going to test it. I’m going to put up a site about the irs. Irs keywords are super valuable so I’m going to put up a 3500 page site based around irs keywords and I’m going to host it at As soon as I get approved for their affiliate program, I’ll post the link here. (it’s $93 for a year of hosting and the affiliate payout is $90)

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