As thanksgiving approaches our thoughts turn to gratitude (as they should…more often).

Yesterday I texted a post for social media to one of my VAs.  I don’t make any social media posts.  I send raw photos/videos/text to her and she pretties it up and posts it.

As I sent it, I was grateful for her.  Grateful for the work she does. Grateful for all of my VAs and the hard work they do.  Some of it makes my life easier. Some of it builds my business.  Some of it makes YOUR life easier.  

I’m grateful for them. All of them.  

Grateful that I was lead to hiring in the Philippines which is so different than anywhere else in the world.

Grateful that I was led to teaching other to do the same. It’s amazing watching people hire Filipino workers and then magically their business starts to grow.  I’ve seen it thousands of times.  

Which brings me to Thanksgiving in the Philippines. 

They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.
They celebrate Bonifacio Day.  

It’s not this coming Thursday, it’s next Monday.

They’ll want to work this Thursday/Friday but not next Monday.  Something to be aware of.

Andres Bonifacio is not the official national hero but he got his own holiday because so many people relate to him.

He was born poor. He educated himself. He supported his siblings by building small businesses when he was growing up.

He has so much charisma that during the revolution (1896), most people thought of him as the de facto leader. Some would even say he was the first president. People loved him because he didn’t talk down to them. He explained complicated concepts like the French revolution and the Enlightenment by relating it to Filipino lives and he wrote in Filipino. But the rich elites in the revolution were so threatened by him they had him assassinated.

Want more holiday info?  Here’s a post made by my VAs all about holidays and PTO in the Philippines.