Ah yes, the 80/20 principle.

Everyone has heard of it…

20% of the work produces 80% of results.

It’s true in almost everything we do.

I worked all year to get my 8yr old to like skiing.
– I made him ski almost every Saturday
– I got him good skis
– I let him pick the runs we ski
– I forced him to ski steep gnarly runs
– I let him ski with friends
– I gave him rewards

In the end, skiing with friends was the only thing that mattered.  He loves it when friends are around.  20%.

In my business, the 20% is content creation.

I force myself to work on content creation FIRST every day (even though I don’t love it) because it produces results.
I even delegate and outsource a lot of content creation to my OFS.

For you, what’s your 20%?

Can you delegate some of that 20% to an OFS?
Can you hand off most of the 80% to an OFS.

For Steve Raiken, the 20% is sourcing products and making YouTube videos. He’s been running an online business for almost a decade. He kept his company growing through the pandemic because:

– He understands how important it is to focus on the 20% that makes money
– He has a team of Filipino workers to do everything else

Want to know how he got started and what his hiring process is like? Watch the video below:

Steven talked about how important it is to be patient with your OFS, especially during training. If you want to give your OFS training but don’t want to create it yourself, you can get them started with VAsMadeEasy.com. It’s done-for-you trainings on 30 different topics you can hand off to your OFS without needing to do anything yourself.  Just help them succeed in the work they’re doing.