Notice: I will update this post if the status changes.

Most of my readers know that is currently the best place to find Filipino employees (I say “currently” because that will soon change when we release our own site to recruit specifically online workers…coming very soon).

About 3 months ago the owners of decided that they didn’t want to allow people outside the Philippines to access BestJobs.

Currently, you can browse through the resumes on the website (which in my opinion is the best way to find a Filipino employee) but you can’t join to get their contact info. Worthless!

We have tried to change the minds of the owners of BestJobs with very limited success. They don’t want U.S. based companies posting jobs on their site. That’s how they’ve chosen to run their business.

Currently the only way to contact people in the Philippines after finding them on is through your membership at I can’t give any more details, other than to say that as a member of, you can get contact info for anyone you find on BestJobs. This ability is included in your membership to

If the status of changes, I’ll post it here.
When our own recruiting site is available, I’ll also post it here.

PS. If you do manage to get an account there (who knows how), DON’T post any job postings. Just trust me on this one. Only do resume searches to find people. If you post jobs, you’ll lose your account.

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