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The death of adsense

Scott made a huge splash in the internet marketing community.

He released “Life After Adsense” today (which you can download inside your account on the site).

In it he basically details the method (click flipping) he uses to make a ton of money online. I’m not going to talk about it, you can read it for yourself.

What I loved about it is that Scott gave it away for free. This ebook details exactly what he does to make money. It’s not a sales letter, unlike every other offer out there.

Everyone wants to sell something. They prostitute themselves for anything they can find. The Almighty Dollar is more important than being honest with people and giving them what they want.

Scott was different.

So is Perry Marshall (join his mailing list, the guy is amazing).

I think we’ll start to see a lot more information given away over the next few months because of the success of Scotts marketing campaign. Sure, his timing was impeccable and so was his message, but when you give something away for free, especially something as valuable as this, you gain a lot of respect. There are a lot of people who will buy whatever Scott wants to sell them right now, because he has gained their trust first.

If you want to sell a bunch of something, give people something of huge value first. Once they trust you, they’ll do anything you tell them to.

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