Before learning about disappearing traditions…Covid has been really rough on the Philippines.  Parts of the country are still in lockdown. 
Might be good to ask your OFS how they’re doing.

Julia (my OFS) writes:
Now that more people are getting vaccinated, we’re starting to see some things come back to normal. 

But sadly, there are some things that I fear are going to be lost forever. The pandemic just accelerated the process. One of the things we’ve seen slowly disappearing in Philippine culture is the traditional Filipino greeting of “Mano Po”.

‘Mano Po’ is a distinct Filipino greeting. You won’t see it anywhere else in the world. It’s usually done within families. The younger members of the family lightly bow in front of an elder, take their hand and press it against their forehead. This is what it looks like.

This greeting is packed with meaning. And we’ve been doing this greeting long before we were colonized by Spain.  It’s a gesture that shows deference to your elders. It’s a blessing from the older generation to the younger generation. 

And it’s very intimate. You don’t do this greeting with anyone. You only do this greeting with people you consider as family.

Sadly, this tradition has been going out of fashion for several generations now. Some people don’t want to do it because it makes them feel old. Some see this gesture as a symbol of the overreach of the older generation on the lives of their children and grandchildren.

And in the time of Covid-19, it’s also a really effective way to spread the virus.

Did you know that the #1 export of the Philippines is People?
Around 10% of the population of the Philippines lives abroad working and sending money home.  The government calls them OFW – Overseas Filipino Workers.

We’re slowly changing this tradition also.  More and more Filipinos are choosing to be OFS rather than OFW.

Online Filipino Specialists get to stay home with their families.
Overseas Filipino Worker are gone…often for years at a time.

You’re helping change this tradition for the better.


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