I can’t handle it anymore.

I love my iTrip, it’s great.

My liking of my ipod stops there.

Today was the last straw.

My brother-in-law was in town until this morning from Colorado. I had some educational mp3’s that some marketers had given away for free that he wanted to listen to. So, I bought ipod 2 ipod so we could transfer the songs from my ipod to his.

After all, I didn’t want to sync his ipod with my itunes and have it duplicate our libraries.

I also got the Book of Mormon on mp3 from his ipod.

Everything went great, until I fired up itunes this afternoon.

iTunes proceeded to delete all the book of mormon mp3’s I had copied from his ipod.

Now, I have to call him and warn him before he syncs his ipod to make sure he listens to everything I gave him.

Otherwise stupid itunes will delete it.

As soon as I discover that it deleted my files, I try to close itunes because I hate it and it proceeds to crash my computer!

So here’s to you Apple:


It’s the biggest piece of crap software I’ve ever used.

I’m done using it. I won’t buy an ipod again because of it. At this point I’d rather have one of those stupid failure sony mp3 players.

I’ll find another way to deal with my ipod, like with virtual ipod. I haven’t used it yet, but it looks promising.

Oh yeah, I’ve been holding this one in for a few months now too…just waiting for the right time to post it. This is an email my sister sent me (I requested it from her specifically so I could blog about it) after she called me at 2:30am one night because itunes had jacked her entire system:

alright. here’s what happened. my ipod would keep kinda freezing at the
beginning of a song for a while until it would finally decide to skip to
another song, which usually wouldn’t work either. so i plug it into my
computer to see if the ipod software needs updating. itunes freezes. then i
remember that i need to install the latest version of itunes, so i did. when
the installation finished, i left the box checked that says “launch itunes
now”. it didn’t open. so i went to the processes to see if the process at
least had launched, which it had. so i decide to end the frozen process so i
could launch a new one. i clicked ‘end process’ and pressed ok to the warning,
but itunes didn’t close. it only decreased slightly in the amount of memory it
was using. i tried again and it still didn’t close. so then i restarted my
computer to see if that was the issue. it wasn’t. the same thing happened. so
then i restarted, uninstalled itunes, and reinstalled it. still the same thing
kept happening. at this point i’m pissed at windows in general because a lot
of processes won’t close and i’m having a few other slight problems, so i
decide to reformat. things are going well, the reinstall works. then i’m
installing the ipod software from the cd, and it finishes and tells me to
restart. so i do. but that’s when the computer decides that it is unable to
boot. from anything. it only booted after i unplugged everything, which i now
know means unplugging the ipod. so i’m trying to install the ipod software,
but every time i get to the part where you have to plug in the ipod, it sort
of froze. it recognized the ipod was plugged in, said it needed to be
formatted (it didn’t), and then tried to format it but said it couldn’t
connect. the install finally failed. then i realize that every time i plug in
the ipod, itunes freezes also. so i close itunes, plug in the ipod, and go to
my computer to see if the computer recognizes that ipod is plugged in. only my
computer won’t open. so i unplug the ipod and immediately my computer opens.
that’s basically where it ends. i realize the ipod is causing ridiculous
problems on my system including not allowing me to boot, and i’m pissed. thank
apple for me.

It’s a good thing dumb ol apple didn’t adopt a similar motto for the ipod as they did for their operating system.

Can you imageine: “It just doesn’t work”

For some strange reason, I see something eerily similar to microsoft here…

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