I have a lot of talented people around me.  Not just in the Philippines, but at home and at church and with family.

I keep telling my wife and kids that I’m consistently surprised at the talent of the people around me.  There’s a lot of talent I don’t have…but others do.

I’m not alone in this. Just a few days ago, I got this email from John Murphy:

I am writing you to inform you that the best decision I ever made was
to use your service and find the most talented person I have ever
worked with.

I wasn’t surprised to get this.

With almost 2 million profiles at Onlinejobs.ph, it’s not real difficult to find someone  super talented to work on your business. We have hundreds of stories like this from real business owners. We add to this list almost every day right now.

You also don’t have to spend hundreds of hours finding that “most talented person”. You don’t have to go through bad hires before finding a good one. With my recruiting process at OneVAway.com, you should be able to find a talented worker in 2-3 total hours.

That takes less time than doing laundry or running errands.

If you’re worried that going through the course will be a waste of time, I’ll give you your money back if the process doesn’t work. That’s how confident I am that the $49 and the 3 hours you spend going through the OneVAAway recruiting process is going to be the best decision of your life…like it was for John Murphy.

I’ve had very very few people ask for their money back.