You have to be the CEO of the company – you have to know the what and the why and the how…


This is where our stupid culture of over-work and “the grind” is so messed up.

You shouldn’t be doing all the work.

You should teach someone ELSE how to do it, and manage them. You have to do the hard work of recruiting someone and teaching them how to do it (which is hard work, but it’s way more effective and efficient work than trying to execute every business process solo.

Work smarter! Not harder.

So from there, the rest is  history – I hire more people (36 currently), We do more. And that’s the end of the story…but not really.


I was forced into it in my circumstances, so I had to do it.

Most people are never forced to do it. So they don’t. It may feel risky or they may feel reluctant to sign on to something that’s hard work in the beginning (which it is)…but the reward in the end is indescribable. The freedom you build as you grow your online team can’t be replicated, and the best place to do that is the Philippines.

Because I wanted to share my success with any business owner who would take advantage of it. And I wanted to give back to the incredible working class of the Philippines, so I created – the virtual job board where Entrepreneurs can go to find incredible, capable FIlipino virtual workers, and those workers can go to find stable, well-paying virtual jobs with foreign employers.     

And now that I’ve been outsourcing online for a decade and a half, I’m on a mission, through these emails and other resources I’ll share with you, to give you the best outsourcing experience possible.

Tip – When you sign up for you can cancel as soon as you hire your VA. is a monthly subscription that you only need to pay when you’re recruiting.
Consider it a recruiting fee.
Sign up. Post a job.  Interview workers.
When you’ve found your VA – cancel your subscription.  You don’t need to pay for after you’ve hired your worker.  

And, you can still use EasyPay and TimeProof – free.

John Jonas
Creator of