To complement our family’s active cycling lifestyle, we throw in weights workouts twice a week.

Today’s session was a mix of Bulgarian Split Squats and Russian Twists but there are days where we alternate Turkish Get Ups and Romanian Deadlifts into the sessions.

A lot of weight lifting has significant eastern Europe influence.

Have you ever stopped to think why? Maybe it’s because they invented it?  Maybe because they’re good at it?

There are tons of things like this.

There’s also China and Pingpong.
France and their decadent food.
USA, politics.
Canada and maple syrup.
Argentina and football.
Spain, salsa.
Germany and their beer.
Philippines and virtual workers.

I mention this in many of my online videos. 
Filipino virtual workers are just better than most other places.

Employers can run a business hands-free, and all you need are qualified virtual assistants to do the work for you. I still stand by it when I say that VAs from the Philippines are not like any other. They’re resilient, eager, and diligent learners.

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