In case you don’t know, there was a typhoon in the Philippines
4 days ago.

It’s bad.

I’m writing this blog post for 2 reasons:

1. A call for donations
2. Answering questions I’ve gotten

1. A call for donations
I’ve never asked people to donate to anything before,
but this disaster really hit home.

One of the girls I employ in the Philippines lost her uncle.

Someone else I know has a VA who lost a sister.

People there don’t have water, food, clothes, blankets, shelter.

I hooked up with an organization who normally ships stuff
to Africa but now is sending their normal stuff to the Philippines.

If you can donate anything, please do:

Whether you can donate $500 or $5, it’s going to help.
On that page, be sure to click the link right below the “Donate” button
to read more.

Please don’t wait on this, people are suffering right now.

I talked with the guys who run that website. They’re not a huge organization,
but they’re very well organized and have a lot of experience with this.

Also, Google has a page where you can find other places to help:

2. Answering questions
I had quite a few people ask me the question today:
“How does this affect your ability to outsource to the Philippines”

I have 2 answers:

1. Short term: My people are not working for a few days
2. Long term: It doesn’t!

A similar typhoon came through the Philippines 2 years ago and
some of my GUYS were very affected by it. They didn’t have
power for 4 days. They struggled for a while. I sent them money to
rebuild their houses.

Short term I lost a week of work from them. Not a big deal.

Long term, it didn’t affect anything. I still continue working with them.
They still continue doing great work for me.

Please consider donating some money if you can: