Last week I recruited a content writer for

I had like 30 applicants in 5 hours before I was able to turn the job post off.

From those 30, I narrowed it down to 8.

8 amazing writers.

From the 8, one stood out to me.  Not for any reason other than I thought our personalities worked a little better than the rest.

But I had 7 other really amazing content writers.
Perfect English (if I ever saw anything not perfect I dropped them from the recruiting process).
All with a lot of experience.
Personally vetted and interviewed by me.

I’ve talked with all of them and am making them available to you. If you’re looking for a great content writer but haven’t recruited one yourself, here you go.

Some are looking for part-time, some full-time.
Salaries range from $5-$12/hour.
Among them there’s a lot of experience writing for
– ecommerce
– amazon
– copywriting
– social media
– blog posts
– email marketing

I’m not going to list them…it’s too much work for me.
I’m also not going to answer tons of questions. Last time I emailed something like this I had 100+ responses asking to hire.
I’m not doing that again.
If you’re looking for a great content writer, there’s a button near the top of this page:
that says “Hire one of Johns vetted workers”.  Click it and pay the $100 vetting fee.
I’m fair and reasonable and if something doesn’t work out, I don’t want to keep your money.

I also have an admin assistant with perfect English who my son Austin vetted. He says they’re super trustworthy.

First 8 people to pay…then we’ll take the link down.
After paying, respond to this email with ONE writing skill you’re looking for.  These aren’t magical people who will also build your website or build your amazon business or do customer support or… or…
They’re really good content writers!  Yes, they have other skills, but I recruited them to write.


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