It was “Wild Wednesday” for us (the day my kids are off school so we do something crazy outside).

While climbing a mountain in the backcountry skiing with my older kids, I was filming a video about “What type of VA you should hire first”.

Then the notifications started coming in.

“Protestors stormed the capital”
“Congress has been evacuated”
“Trumps twitter account has been banned”
“Shots fired”


I couldn’t believe it…but on the other hand…I kind of could.  I mean, given the current state of things I wasn’t super surprised.


But not surprised.

You know who else wasn’t surprised?

Your VAs.

First, they follow US politics. They know what’s happening. They have their own opinions and they take sides…just like people in the US do.

Second, the president of the Philippines, Duterte, is similar to Donald Trump. They have experience with a person in power who behaves similarly. 

Ask your VAs about what happened on Wednesday. It might just tell you how human they are and how much they know about American culture. 

My VAs, for how much they know and care, still didn’t miss a beat with work.  I had 29 answers to “what did you do today” in our project management system (Basecamp) this morning. 

I sure do a lot of talking about VAs and how good they are, but you won’t know for yourself until you hire someone.