School started recently for my kids.  They’re good at some things and not good at others (like all kids).

My kids are just not good at performing arts.

It’s uncanny how similar they all are with this.
In elementary school when they do their singing performances or dance performances, my kids are always half a step behind.

Every one of my kids!

How is that possible?

We ride bikes probably because we’re good at it. My kids, as soon as they got on their bikes, were always half a step ahead of other kids.


What are Online Filipino Specialists not good at?
Are there limitations?

Here’s my experience.
These aren’t hard and fast rules.  They’re just what I’ve noticed over the years.  Some of you are going to email me and tell me you have a great project manager or that you have had great experience doing X, Y, or Z.

Great.  Please do.  I always hope to find better answers than those I already have.

On with it.

Filipinos are not great at

– Project management.  At least, not upfront.  I have people doing project management on my team, and they’re darn good at it.  But they started doing the work, not managing the work. To be successful at this, they need to have understanding, responsibility, authority, and trust you.

– Creating sales information. I’ve hired great copywriters from the Philippines. But even with them, their understanding of the market wasn’t the same as someone from the US would have been.

I’ve had pretty good success with everything else I’ve tried.

I talk in more detail here:

If you’ve had a good experience hiring a project manager in the Philippines or have had them create good sales information, I’d love to hear from you.


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