OFS = Online Filipino Specialist.

I invented it because I don’t like the term VA.

People think a VA is a secretary.
Someone who can only do mundane tasks.
Someone who doesn’t really have skills.
Someone who can do data entry.
Someone who can only follow step by step instruction and nothing else.

…that’s not who you’re hiring.

…that’s not who I hire.

You want someone who is an independent thinker.  Someone who will read between the lines of your instructions and solve problems when you leave something out.

That’s an OFS.

You want someone who is skilled at Ecommerce, writing, programming, social media management, CAD, design, eBay, or whatever it is you’re going to have them do for you.
That person exists.  Highly skilled. Talented. Knowledgeable.

That’s an OFS

You want someone who is honest, loyal, hard working, not entrepreneurial, and who is a good stable employee.

That’s an…well..that could be anyone from the Philippines. It’s just part of their culture.

This is Avery.

He’s a UI/UX designer. He works on OnlineJobs.ph.
He’s not a graphic designer.
He’s not a web designer.
He’s not a logo designer.
(I’ve tried to have him do all those things and he wasn’t very good at it).
He’s a user interface and user experience designer.

He shows up every day. He speaks his mind. He solves problems. He proposes solutions.

He’s an OFS.

Online. Filipino. Specialist. That’s who you want to hire to help your business.


PS. Today is Chinese New Years. Recognize your OFS might not be as productive today.