I spent last weekend in Fayetteville Arkansas at a bike race for my daughter.  It was an important lead-up race to mountain bike national championships which are in July.

Friends kept taking pictures of Addie on the big screen which they had at the start/finish line as she moved up in the race.

She started 32nd. After lap 1 she was 18th. Lap 2: 11th. Lap 3: 7th. Lap 4: 6th.

She finished 5th and on the podium.

It was exciting to see her pick people off one by one as she moved forward.

Here’s what’s interesting.  Her training so far this year has been all slow riding.  Lots of it. Like, 12-17 hour/week on her bike.

She’s not a fast starter because she hasn’t done any high intensity riding yet.

The girls who finished 1-4 have all done high intensity riding. They ran away with it from the beginning.

How you train matters.

With OFS, how you train isn’t necessarily what matters. But providing training is.

I got this email from Ryan recently.

Actually, what he sent me is an email exchange between him and his OFS. He shared my email about Joven (the OnlineJobs.ph manager) with his team and he used that email to explain what he wants to achieve with them in the future. The response he got from them was so sweet. It’s also really telling of the benefits good training can do for you and your OFS.

Thank you so much for sharing this email to us Sir. Based on my 7+ months working with you, I must say that you are like John Jonas, you help me grow Sir. I basically know  nothing about your business Sir, but because of you & Ms. Katie’s training, I was able to perform my daily job. I know I have a lot to learn but never once you made me feel that I’m not good enough. You appreciate & acknowledge my hard work, and because of that I felt motivated to do more. Thank you Sir for being a blessing to us.

This is what we wanted to achieve with VAsMadeEasy.

The VAsMadeEasy program has training that you can just give to your OFS so they can learn the skills they need.

It also has short, easy-to-follow training materials for you. Because you’re still the boss and you’re the one who has to make the decisions.

Why did we do it this way?

Because we want to make it easy for you to train your VA, so you can get the work that you need faster.

And we want to empower your OFS so they can do their work better and they’re motivated to improve.

When you work together with this training:

  • You learn to communicate and manage your OFS
  • Your OFS learns the skills they need and are empowered to do more
  • You and your OFS learn to trust each other because you’re growing together.

Training matters.