Here’s what I’ve done for the past 24 hours:

  • Checked my email
  • Talked with my partner Dan
  • Wrote a blog post
  • Wrote 2 emails to be sent to my mailing lists
  • Used jing to make an explanation video
  • Played golf
  • Chatted with a few of my GUYS in the Philippines
  • Ate dinner, played with my kids, practiced more golf in my backyard, …
  • Read a book (it was only 130 pages)
  • Slept
  • Ate, got ready, played with my kids, went to the LDS temple
  • Had a meeting with someone who wanted help
  • Played Golf
  • And am now writing this blog post (it’s 11:56am)

Here’s what actually got done in the past 24 hours:

  • Email got filtered, checked, and responded to
  • 2 domains got bought
  • A squeeze page, sales page, and website got put up
  • An autoresponder series got put into aweber, along with sales emails getting inserted into them
  • The 90 minute call I did a few weeks ago with members got partially transcribed
  • 2 blog posts got done on my affiliate sites
  • A new test version of one of my sites got created…I haven’t seen it yet, I just heard it’s done
  • My golf game improved
  • One of my GUYS learned a ton about the inner workings of wordpress while creating a new theme for me

All of these things were done by my GUYS in the Philippines. 100% without me (except for the golf and email).

Hiring GUYS in the Philippines is the way to go if you work from home and actually want to be productive in your business.

Hiring GUYS in the Philippines is NOT optional.

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