When my wife got put on strict bedrest and I was forced into the 1 hour work week I learned that Tim Ferris’ 4HWW was reality.  

Since then (~2008), I’ve worked about 17 hours/week.  17 because 4 isn’t enough to keep me sane.

My extended family makes fun of me for it:
“Oh, John’s way too busy for that…”
“You’re probably way too busy at work…”

No…I’m not too busy at work. I make sure of that.  

So what do I do in my 17 hours?

1. I write these emails.  About 5 emails per week x 20 minutes each.

2. I’m a guest on a podcast about once per week.  1 hour.

3. I create ads, record videos, create social media posts.  A couple hours.

4. I give feedback, training, instructions to my team.  Usually 1-2 hours/day.

5. I think through and create solutions.

6. I average working 3.5 days in a week. The rest of the time is spent with my wife and kids.

That’s about it.  

When something comes up that requires a bunch of my time, my first thought is “How can I get someone else to do this?”

I find that most entrepreneurs will cut their workload down if they do the hard work of working with someone else to get that other person to do the work.  Helping someone else do the work is harder than doing it yourself.  But it’s way more efficient.