As we summited the peak for the 2nd time today I looked south and saw thick clouds rolling in.

I turned to the north and a pit formed in my stomach. 

Clouds converging from all sides.

Slowly, but thick. 

Visibility was about to become zero. Not a good thing when you’re skiing in unfamiliar territory.

I said to Addie

We need to hurry and transition to ski mode and get down.

When we got to the bottom of the run, I looked, and miraculously winds had shifted and the clouds were receding.  In a matter of 5 minutes!

We turned around and climbed the mountain the 3rd time.  It was beautiful!

What do you do when clouds appear to be converging around your relationship with your OFS?

Miya J asked me this week:
“Our VA we hired has not been working on any if the tasks I’ve asked her to complete this week. She also has not replied to any of my emails or text messages, despite the fact that I see she’s been online every day this week. My first course of action is to do a formal warning… but curious if there is a particular protocol that you recommend? We liked her in the beginning but I think now she’s not really being efficient. I’m thinking it’s time to replace her.”

Yes, I have a protocol.

First, try to solve the problem. Ask them
“I’ve noticed your productivity has dropped 
[or You’re not showing up to work]
[or Your attention to detail has gone downhill]
I have a feeling you’re stuck on something.  What are you stuck on?  What’s going on with your work? What can I do to make this easier for you?”

Second, try to work it out with them.
Think about this…

It’s hard to find a job in the Philippines.
When they get a stable job (consistent, not project work, preferably not being paid hourly), they want to keep it.
They don’t want to jeopardize their employment.

Most often, it’s not that they don’t want the job. 
They’re not lazy.

Most often, something is going on with them.

They don’t understand something.
Their sister died and they need some time.
Their computer isn’t working right.
They’re worried you’re not going to be happy with their work.
Your instructions aren’t clear to them.

Try to figure it out.  It’s easier than firing them and finding someone else.

Third, If they don’t respond, or don’t offer something which allows you to work it out, then is the time to let them go and find someone else. 


PS. When we got to the car after the third run, I looked back up and the clouds were converging again.  Now I felt safe enough to take a photo.

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