First, let me start with what NOT to tell your friends.

Don’t tell them the name of your VA.

People are lazy. Nobody wants to do the work of recruiting a VA.
If you go raving about your VA to your friends and then you tell them the name of your VA, they’re going to go look them up on FB and offer them a job.

Fortunately for you, Filipinos are super loyal, so even if they take a job with your friend they’re not going to quit working for you.

But…offering a second job to your VA is never great.

So don’t tell the names of your VAs.

So what DO you say?

Tell them what they do for you.
Tell them about the work they’re doing and how good they are.
Tell them about the time the VA is saving you.
Tell them about
Tell them about

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I didn’t create to make money. I created it to get the word out.

Filipino VAs are amazing. 
You know it.
I know it.
Your friends don’t know it…

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