Every once in a while, we get a request for a “Certificate of Employment” (COE). It’s a letter stating the person works for us, including how much they get paid.

The usual reason for getting a certificate of employment is something that really makes us happy: they’re in the process of buying a house or car.

And in those emails, they often tell us how excited they are because this is the first time someone in their family could buy a home. Or how they never thought buying a car was possible until they started working for us.

It’s humbling and overwhelming knowing that our business did this. We’re not just giving them a paycheck. We’re opening them up to opportunities they never had before. We’re helping them build a better future for themselves and their families.

Atiba saw that for himself when he started hiring Online Filpino Specialists.

He helped families to pay their rent and buy groceries.
He helped parents send their kids to better schools so their kids could have a better future.
He helped families move from cramped, unsafe neighborhoods to better homes and safer communities where they could have a better life.

He managed to do all that and still grow his business with his OFS team.


I agree with Atiba. What we’re doing isn’t much. But it is contributing to the global economy. We’re doing good, and we can sustain that by growing our businesses to hire more people.

In the end, isn’t that what matters most? Making the world better, one person at a time.

Have a story you want to tell about OFS?  Record yourself talking (a cell phone video is fine…doesn’t have to be amazing) and send it to me.  I’ll give you a free month of OnlineJobs.ph if I use your video (I’ve used almost every one I’ve gotten).