“Hey John, you should create a job board like OnlineJobs.ph in….”

I get a lot of requests from people asking me to replicate Onlinejobs.ph in their country.



Because employers have a better experience in the Philippines than anywhere else in the world.

Not always. But usually.

There’s a specific set of cultural differences in the Philippines that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

– honest
– loyal
– hard working
– pleasing
– not entrepreneurial
– looking for long-term work

Obviously not everyone is like this…but generally this is what you find in the Philippines.

Yes, there are exceptions.

Yes, you might find someone great in India or Mexico or Brazil or Indonesia or Ghana…

…but your chances are just higher in the Philippines.  Usually a lot higher.

I created OneVAAway.com so you can consistently hire hard-working, talented, and loyal people. They just happen to live in the Philippines.

I think it’s better if people who are passionate about other countries should be the ones to build their job platforms. But you haven’t seen that yet.  Why?

Because it’s all about employers having a good experience.

And that good experience happens consistently in the Philippines.


PS. It helps that I consistently create content around this. To me, content is king on the internet.
But…even that comes back to people having a good experience. I always have something to talk about because there are so many stories of people loving their OFS.