It’s January 2 and I’m sure gyms across the world were packed this morning with people who’ve decided to get in shape as their “New Years Resolution”.

I spent the day in the mountains backcountry skiing with my wife.

It’s not part of any “resolution”, it’s part of my lifestyle.

Here’s why most new years resolutions don’t work.

If it’s not strong enough for you to decide to do it December 15th, or October 3, or July 22, why is Jan 2 any different?

It’s not.

If the desire to change isn’t strong enough TODAY, then a new year isn’t going to give you that desire.


We’re entrepreneurs.
We push through hard things.
We figure out solutions that work.

We don’t make “resolutions”, we make lifestyle changes and those things stick for us.

My wife got back off sugar this year on December 21. Before the holidays.
That’s a winner.  That’s a lifestyle change.

Here’s a lifestyle change from Ryan Smith:

“You don’t have to be an expert in every area of your business. If you aren’t an expert in a specific area or it isn’t the best use of your time, find someone who is. Hire someone who already is an expert and pay them to build it for you. You concentrate on the high dollar activities that will move the needle in your business.”

So many entrepreneurs think “I’m the only one who can do this”.

They’re wrong.

Make a lifestyle change this year and hire an OFS to help you focus on the high dollar activities that move the needle in your business.

My One VA Away Challenge is designed to help you
– hire the right person
– in a short amount of time
– with the least amount of effort
– so you can move the needle

Get it.

Make a lifestyle change rather than another “resolution”.