Often people will say to me in the middle of a conversation
“Tell us how you really feel”
because I’m not one to hold back.  

I’m “passionate” they say.

And halloween is one of those things (notice not a capital ‘H’ – it’s NOT a holiday!!!)

I know most of you reading this love halloween and that I’m being a grinch (last year I actually bought a grinch costume. Yes, I’m the halloween grinch).  You love dressing your kids up in blood and gore and then sugaring them up so they stay up late and are terrors the next day. 

I don’t.

And…imagine if we mimic’d halloween with VAs from the Philippines!

“Sure, just this one day a year you can create a fake profile.
Then, apply for every job you can get to with your fake profile.
Insist they give you money for doing nothing.
If they don’t, do something to scam them.” Trick-or-Treat!

That’s what we teach our kids!  “But it’s just one day a year!” you say.

Oh, sure, just one day..that teaches kids panhandling for sugar is “normal”.

Yes, I buy my kids costumes every year.
No, I don’t spend hours (or more than 5 minutes) making them.
Yes, I take my kids trick-or-treating every year.  I’d be massacred if I didn’t.
Yes, I scream and throw a fit every single year about this.
Yes, my wife tells me to chill out and go away.
Yes, we hand out full-size candy bars.
But one of these years I’m going to hand out pencils just to protest!

In the Philippines they don’t do Halloween like we do.  They do it the right way!
They celebrate “All Souls Day” and they go to the cemetery and remember those who have passed on.

Maybe now’s a good time to learn about all the holidays in the Philippines that are different from where you live?


or even add them to your calendar so you know when they’re coming