Whenever my kids come home from school, I ask them “How was school?” 

My 3 older kids, they’re all teens, always say “BORING”, while my 2 younger ones in elementary school always answer with “Good” or…. “BORING.”

It’s the same thing every time.

Today, my younger ones came home and I had the same conversation and it went like this: 

“So, how was school?”


“What did you do at recess?” 

“Nothing.. just walked around.” 

“…at recess?”

“Well, actually, these boys were hitting on us an–“

I stopped her mid-sentence.
She’s only in third grade, so of course, I had to pry.

“Hitting on you? You’re in third grade” 

“Well, one of them has a crush on one of my friends so they were following us around.” 

My teenage girl heard and butted in. 

“Ah.. I remember the days when you liked someone and you chase them around..” 

Honestly, I thought throughout the whole conversation that it was pretty exciting… but they didn’t. And I can admit that when I was in school, I thought things were pretty boring, repetitive, and monotonous. 

But even as employers, most days are gonna be boring. The grind of getting things done takes up most of the day. Magic doesn’t happen every single day. You won’t always get that huge sale, or that big opportunity every single day. And really, that’s fine. Because it means everything is running smoothly. All you need is to get a stable thing that accomplishes your day-to-day and you’re all set. 

But, what if you accelerate the pace of boring and exciting?  

To me, getting an email saying “I finished this project…” is exciting! And I didn’t do the work.
To me, hiring someone new is exciting.  It means I’m going to get more emails saying “I finished this project…”

Some work is still boring, but to me, handing work off to others turns boring work into exciting work.

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When that “not-boring” thing happens, it’ll be a big thing. For now, make the daily grind more exciting.