You want to hire an OFS (or maybe even a VA!) but you’ve been putting it off because you’re afraid you don’t know how to do it right?

There’s one thing you can do to help you get over your fear of hiring AND help you learn how to hire someone faster.

Write and post a job today!

Just do it.

It’s just not that hard.

You can write your job post from scratch or use a template.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. As soon as you’re done, just post it.

It’s free!

What’s the worst that could happen?

If you realize that there’s something wrong with the job post, you can easily edit it.

Do you need more responses?
– Maybe the salary’s too low.
– Maybe you listed down too many skills.
– Maybe it’s too specific.
Edit and post the job again!

Not getting the quality of jobseekers that you want?
– Maybe the job post isn’t specific enough.
– Maybe you didn’t put any instructions that can help weed out unqualified people.
– Maybe the timing was off (this happened to me a week ago)
Edit and post the job again!

Want more help?
– Use my step-by-step guide at
– email our support:

Posting the job is the hardest part because it seems daunting.

Take the leap.