Most people aren’t going to like hearing this.

Working 40 hours/week is overrated.

Most people working 40 hours/week fritter away time. They watch funny cat videos on YouTube, they scroll Facebook. They read “news”.

I don’t do any of it.
No FB.
No news.
No Youtube.
No, I haven’t seen “that video”.
No meetings.
No phone calls.
No 40 hours.

With my type of business, I can work anywhere. As long as I have a laptop and an internet connection, I can answer emails, give feedback, create content, etc.

But I don’t.
I don’t like bringing my laptop on vacation. I don’t want to be thinking about work when I’m home. I don’t like bringing my work with me.

When I work, I’m in my home office and I’m super productive.
I (most of the time) make sure I finish what I’ve set out to do that day. I’m focused when I’m in that room, and I’m away from any distractions.

That’s how I get a lot of work done despite working only 17 hours a week.

Well…that and my team of OFS.

All the emails get answered. I’m on top of most ongoing projects. My team gets feedback from me regularly. I troubleshoot problems, and I come up with new ideas for the business. I don’t need to work 40 hours a week to get 40 hours of work done.

When I’m being super productive, I don’t want to drop what I’m doing simply because I have to attend a meeting. I don’t want to stop working because my OFS needs me to answer their questions ASAP.

An OFS working on a different timezone helps you be more productive while you work. There’s a time for giving feedback, then there’s a time for getting your own work done.  Quickly.  Without distraction.


PS. The other day while coming back from skiing with my new “Moonbike”, this moose was standing on the road.  We stood there for 45 minutes waiting for him to go away.  45 minutes from 5:15 – 6pm!  Cold!  But what a beautiful animal.

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