The Philippine government has finally released its official holiday calendar for 2024.

We’ve now updated our calendar to reflect those dates.

We will change the calendar once new holidays, like the Islamic holidays, are announced. The ones we have there are just best estimates. The official ones will come from the Philippine government, usually a week before the actual date.

The calendar this year actually caused a bit of controversy. The EDSA People Power Revolution falls on February 25 and is usually declared a holiday.

But this year, the official holiday calendar did not mention it. The Philippine government justified its absence by pointing out that February 25 falls on a Sunday, eliminating the need to declare it a holiday.

So there’s speculation that the current Marcos administration is trying to erase the holiday that reminded them of the downfall of the old Marcos regime. Some say that isn’t the case because the calendar still includes the birthday of Ninoy Aquino, whose assassination led up to that revolution.

Whichever the case, get the calendar so you and your OFS can be ready for 2024.