Every day I get emails from people saying “Do you have X type of worker?”

Yes, yes we do.

I usually reply with a search result from OnlineJobs.ph.

With over 2,000,000 Filipino profiles, we have people who can do almost anything.

And, it’s easy to find great applicants at OnlineJobs.ph.

BUT…I’m also aware that there are also a lot of poor-quality applicants.
People who don’t read the job post.
People who send a crappy form application.
People who are unqualified and don’t care.

I hate that this is happening because it’s making it harder for you (and me) to find amazing people. It has been eating at me for years…but I didn’t know how to fix it.

Until a few months ago.

Introducing Apply Points.

Apply Points is a limited resource all applicants must use when applying to jobs.

Because it’s limited, those who are careful with it will stand out to you.

I could write a bunch about it, but my team did a really good job of explaining how AP helps you find better candidates more easily.

I want to clarify that Apply Points isn’t a measure of how qualified they actually are. You still need to interview, ask questions, and do test tasks. Apply Points is just our way of weeding out the ones who put in no effort applying, and pushing forward jobseekers who want to work for you and feel that they can be a great addition to your business.

When it went live a few weeks ago I was hiring and it was awesome.  I got like 20 applicants.  A bunch used 1 Apply Point.  I didn’t even open their applications. A number use 3 Apply Points.  Fine.  Then a couple use 8, 12, or even 30 Apply Points.  Those were the applications I paid attention to first.  Not all the high point ones were great applications, but most were.

We’re constantly improving this so let me know what you think.

Has it improved your experience?
Are you getting better applicants now?

Email me at john@onlinejobs.ph