Oh good…now that all that mushy gratitude is out of the way, we can focus on more important things like…






From Julia, my content OFS
Bonifacio Day in the Philippines (November 30) is close to Thanksgiving and is a regular holiday to commemorate the life and work of Andres Bonifacio. Bonifacio is one of the heroes in the struggle for Philippine independence from the Spaniards. He is also considered by some as the first President of the Philippines.

I thought it was a nice coincidence that Bonifacio Day is so close to Thanksgiving. One of Bonifacio’s best-known written works is a poem about his love and gratitude for being a Filipino.

English translation here: https://pinas.activeboard.com/t18879167/pag-ibig-sa-tinubuang-lupa-andres-bonifacio/

The past 2 years have been difficult. It’s hard to imagine being thankful, given what’s still happening around the world. But I found Bonifacio’s words inspiring because he found many things to love and be grateful for despite the circumstances. He talks about the beauty of the Philippines and how loving your country even when all hope seems lost can help us rise above anything.

I’m really thankful we have this day to celebrate Andres Bonifacio. If you want to greet your OFS a happy Bonifacio Day, you can include this quote from the man himself:

“Serenity, constancy, reason, and faith in whatever act or endeavor, crown with success every desire.”

Happy Bonifacio Day!

FYI, you’re receiving this on the 29th your time. As you read it, recognize that the 30th (Bonaficio day) is probably starting in the Philippines right about now. 

Your OFS isn’t going to work today.