Part of changing your mindset is giving other people tasks
that you would normally have done yourself.

It’s also about using your resources efficiently.  If you can
buy an ebook about something for $50, and have that teach
your guys how to do it, why wouldn’t you do that instead
of spending 3-4 hours creating training yourself?

Is your time really only worth $12/hour?

It’s the same thing with

  • Did you know that 98% of the content inside isn’t for you!


It’s for you to give to your guys to train them.

  • It’s process lists.
  • It’s step by step training.
  • It’s business concepts.
  • It’s minute details to make sure stuff gets done correctly.

The point of is to help you change your mindset.

If you don’t change it, how can you ever expect to be the

CEO of your company?

Here’s the training to hand off to your Filipino VA’s.
All of this stuff is there to help you move towards the lifestyle
you want to be living.

If you’re not living it now, when are you going to start?

“As soon as…?”

“As soon as…” never comes.

Today’s the day to start.

I understand that this is a blatant ad for my website.

I’ve just seen too many people try to hire someone, not train them, and then complain that “this doesn’t work.”
It does work.
You just have to train the people you hire…and then manage them well.