I’ve never really done this before but I can’t help it with this one.

You know the commercial for EleFun on TV, the one that has the kids jumping around having a blast as the butterflies come out of the elephants nose that’s sticking straight up in the air. Yeah, that one that looks like it could actually be fun for kids.

That toy STINKS!

Don’t buy it for your kids.

Austin has wanted that thing for over a month now, and the 12th was his birthday, so we got it for him.

Here’s how it REALLY works:

You put the butterflies in and put the nose on. Then you turn the elephant game on and wait for like 5 minutes, then a single, sole, butterfly will come out. The butterfly drops to the ground (yeah, that’s right…drops. They don’t float around like the commercial shows), and you wait 5 more minutes for another butterfly to come out.

Then, if your kid is like mine, they want you to pick them up and hold them so they can hold their butterfly net at the top of the nose so that when a butterfly comes out they can “catch” it (really, they just miss it because it’s darn near impossible to catch them).

Then, you realize this is stupid, because the fan inside the dumb game isn’t strong enough to blow the butterflies out quick enough to make the game fun. All it does is create a whirlwind of butterflies inside the elephant.

So, how do we use the dumb thing?

We took the nose off and gave up on that all together. We just put the butterflies into the elephant, and then turn it on and put our nets right next to the opening where the nose would normally attach. Then we hope some of the butterflies fly into the net as soon as they come out of the dumb elephant. It only takes about 10 seconds to blow all the butterflies out of the elephant when the nose isn’t on, so then we just turn it off, put all the butterflies back in, and repeat.

Just as a warning: DON’T BUY THIS DUMB TOY!

Your kids will be sorely disappointed.

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